20 Ways How To Use Instagram Likes

Here are a few things you should be doing if you want to increase your Instagram likes. These are all easy techniques to increase the number of people who engage with your Instagram photos.

1. Take high-resolution photographs

Instagram is a photo-sharing social media site. On Instagram, appearances matter so much that consumers rate your business solely on a single post before ever learning about your content or items.

However, you’d be amazed at how few individuals pay attention to the quality of their photographs.

Instagram users want marketers to produce high-quality content. Even if you’re a small local business, a start-up, or a want tobe influencer, you need to put your best foot forward when it comes to pictures.

The higher the quality of your shot, the more likes, shares, comments, and interaction you’ll receive, bringing you closer to gaining more followers. This is, without a doubt, the most crucial strategy to increase Instagram interaction.

With so many photo editing applications available, you don’t need a high-end DSLR to buy instagram likes cheap. The most critical feature is that your photo is well-lit and in focus.

You should be able to snap high-quality images with any current smartphone.

Using a high-quality camera, on the other hand, won’t harm if you’re serious about your Instagram material.

Great images are more aesthetically pleasant by nature, which translates to more Instagram likes.

2. Make a Lot of Reels

Social media has been taken over by short-form video content. You should definitely start using Reels in your Instagram approach if you aren’t already.

The simplest approach to get viral on Instagram is to use reels. The Instagram system favors Reels, so uploading them will boost your visibility and reach significantly. More engagement will result if you create excellent content.

As long as you’re posting the correct content, including Reels in your content strategy can help you go viral. Keep up with the latest trends and aim to post trendy information first. Play around with reels and try out other ideas.

You may gain a lot more Instagram followers and likes if you do it correctly.

About help you reach more people, follow our tips to the optimum time to post Reels on Instagram.

3. Take use of Instagram Shopping

Without leaving the Instagram app, marketers can sell straight to their followers via Instagram shopping.

This social commerce feature can help you gain more followers and make a few sales by sharing your best sellers. People can enjoy the pleasure of shopping rather than the drudgery of buying with Instagram’s commerce features.

This is the most convenient approach to sell to your Instagram followers, and it can help you get a lot more likes while also increasing sales.

In this post, 10 Amazing eCommerce Instagram Accounts and Examples We Learned From, you’ll learn how to master Instagram’s shoppable features and more.

4. Make Instagram tutorials

Instagram Guides debuted in mid-2020, with the goal of creating tools or “guides” to help followers discover items or recommendations.

This can include Instagram-published items, influencers, public figures, brands, and more.

Instagram Guides are essentially a hybrid of carousel posts and blog entries. They enable you to provide more information and can be an effective tool for increasing Instagram interaction.

Guides allow you to pull in stuff from other accounts in addition to grouping and gathering your own Instagram content. Instagram Guides could be a terrific way to gain more likes because it’s a largely underutilized tool.

5. Make Instagram video advertisements

Linking your adverts to your Instagram video content will help you gain more likes and followers. You may now monetise your Instagram videos to bring more traffic to your business and increase your profile’s followers.

“IGTV advertising will be tested for the rest of 2020,” an Instagram spokeswoman said. “We feel that monetization in IGTV would assist new creators the most, but we’ll test with a variety of accounts as we carefully push this out to ensure we get the experience right.” At this time, there are no specific expansion plans to discuss.”

Our in-depth guide will teach you how to generate money on Instagram.

6. Tell Interesting Stories

Instagram stories have exploded in popularity and usage among both users and brands. Instagram stories can be used in both directions:

  • You can retain your current followers interested in your brand and material in your feed by incorporating it into your feed.
  • You can use hashtags in your stories to attract new followers and boost engagement.

So, to get more Instagram likes, use your stories to promote your feed updates.

This may make your posts available to more people who may not have seen them otherwise.

You may also use Reels to tell stories, recycle Tik Tok footage into stories, use Gifs, and use stickers to engage your audience.

Instagram stories can also help you gain more followers by demonstrating that your profile is active and intriguing. Nobody wants to follow an account that has dust in their feed or on their narrative.

Because stories are only visible for 24 hours, they are easily consumed by Instagram users. If you don’t plan to post everyday in your feed, this permits you to post every day on your profile.

Frequent story posting is also a fantastic strategy for the Instagram algorithm because it keeps your material current and new. This means more people will see your feed posts and engage with them on Instagram.

7. Make the most of Instagram Highlights

The main disadvantage of using Instagram stories to help boost followers is that they disappear after 24 hours.

Unless you choose to include them in a spotlight below your bio on Instagram.

Instagram highlights allow you to store specific stories and display them on your profile so that new and existing followers may interact with them again and again.

More involvement on Instagram stories will help you gain more likes.

The major characteristics of the Highlights, according to Embed Social, are:

  • Highlights covers: Add a custom image or icon to reflect the theme of the content preserved inside the highlight covers.
  • Highlights name: You have the option of naming the Highlight the same way you name folders.

Past Q&A sessions, product changes, features, and FAQs you’d wish to keep available for new clients can all be included in highlights.

Pro tip: The covers of your featured pieces are equally as important as the stories themselves. Make an Instagram highlight cover with Canva or try one of these 12 best Instagram story apps.

8. Study Instagram’s Insights

You can learn more about what attracts more followers to your Instagram account by using your Instagram Insights. Your stats are exclusively dependent on your Instagram Business account’s data.

There are two key stats you should be looking at that will help you figure out what type of material will help you gain more followers and expand your page.

Audience Analytics on Instagram:

  • Top locations: You may examine the top five cities and countries where your followers are situated with this data.
  • What is the average age of your followers? This is a simple approach to figure it out. Instagram divides it under the following categories: 13-17 years old, 18-24 years old, 25-34 years old, 35-44 years old, 45-54 years old, 55-64 years old, and 65 years old.
  • Gender: The percentage of males and women among your followers.
  • Follower hours: A useful metric for determining when your followers are most active on Instagram.
  • Days with the most followers: This area also reveals which days of the week your followers are most active.

Analyses of Individual Posts:

Interactions: These are actions taken as a result of your post. These actions are tracked and recorded here, whether they are browsing your profile, clicking a link, or utilizing the call/email button in your post.

Discovery: If you’re as addicted to Instagram as I am, you’ve probably utilized the discovery tool. After that, Instagram will tell you how many accounts you’ve discovered that aren’t already following you.

Followers: The number of new followers you gained as a result of a post.

The number of unique accounts reached by the post.

The total number of times your content was viewed is referred to as impressions. Instagram also splits this down by category to see where the post was viewed on the platform, including from home, hashtags, profile, and others.

Saves: The number of different accounts that have saved your post to their own personal folder.

The number of people who have commented on your post.

You can better optimize your content for your target audience if you pay attention to your analytics. This will increase the number of likes and engagement on your post.

9. Include a pitch for your brand in your bio.

Your Instagram bio can actually help you obtain new followers in addition to introducing you to new followers.

To introduce yourself, an Instagram bio might be a visually appealing message. Consider your Instagram bio to be an elevator pitch: you want to be as specific as possible while using the fewest words feasible.

Adding keywords to your Instagram bio is a good place to start so that new followers can locate your company or products.

SEO keywords will help your profile rank higher in various internet search engine result pages, resulting in more prospective followers.

You may also use a custom or customized hashtag to build a stronger relationship with your online audience and encourage new followers to join the trend.

Your profile will be more visible to the proper target audience if your bio is enhanced. This will assist you in gaining more Instagram likes.

Examine your bio, then read through our full tutorial on 10 Tips for Writing the Perfect Instagram Bio to Attract a Larger Audience.

10. Use Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature to get access to exclusive content.

Close Friends is an Instagram feature that allows you to create a list of “Close Friends” with whom you can only share stories on a daily basis. It’s ideal for sharing exclusive stuff, so you’ll have to pick who has access and who doesn’t.

You can earn more likes and followers with the help of an exclusive group of people who have access to updates, discounts, and sneak peeks at upcoming products. We found 5 Ways to Use the Instagram Close Friends List for Business as a result.

11. Don’t Ignore the Criticism

The worst thing you can do when someone comments or complains about you (or your products) on Instagram is take a long time to react. With 83 percent of people expecting companies to respond to social media comments within a day or less, the worst thing you can do is take a long time to respond.

It is your responsibility to respond to the comment, whether it is negative or favorable. People are more inclined to follow and enjoy a brand that reacts to comments and conversation because it indicates that they are being seen and heard.

As a result, over 44% of individuals believe that a brand’s discussions (including direct messaging or responding to a remark posted) are more convincing than its advertising commercials.

It’s called social media for a reason, after all! It’s all about interacting with others.

One of the most important characteristics of the greatest Instagram accounts is that they are social and have a consistent level of engagement, which aids in the growth of followers and likes.

So, if you want to understand how to acquire more Instagram likes, first make sure you have a solid relationship with your audience. This can be accomplished by interacting with them again.

12. Put a link to your Instagram account on your website.

Add an Instagram widget to your website to help your account gain more likes and followers. This makes your Instagram available to both incoming and outgoing website visitors, as well as your customers, allowing them to effortlessly connect with you online.

You may also encourage your followers to use a branded hashtag to submit photographs for your brand so you can find them while doing daily social listening.

This is a fantastic approach to increase the number of free Instagram likes and user-generated material on your account.

13. Increase Instagram Followers by Adding Your QR Code

Instagram also allows you to create a personalized QR code for your profile, which you can put to your business card to make it easier for people to discover you on the platform.

This code can be printed on business cards, thank-you cards included in order packages, receipts, stickers, and shipping boxes. This enables you to promote your Instagram account both offline and online.

A QR code converter can also be used to convert URLs to QR codes.

To make your own Instagram QR code, follow these steps:

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone.
  • Navigate to your Instagram account.
  • On the top of your screen, click the Name Tag symbol (the second icon).
  • Your Name Tag screen will appear.

More likes can be obtained by promoting your Instagram profile.

Instagram decided in June 2020 to allow pin comments to be used globally. It was previously solely utilized on Instagram Live.

You can use pins to emphasize comments from adoring fans, customers, or followers in your article. You can also pin essential information that you may have overlooked.

People will notice these wonderful remarks and will gain greater value or delight from your post as a result. This will assist you in gaining more likes.

15. Maintain a Uniform Aesthetic

Though it may appear trivial, maintaining a consistent Instagram design is one of the most effective methods to grow your Instagram business.

More people will like your account if it looks excellent.

You can do this by using the same filter, layout, or look/feel on Instagram to assist you keep your visual identity. This increases recognition and gets you more consistent likes by making your photographs easily recognizable on your followers’ newsfeed.

To get this look, you can utilize programs like Later, Preview, or Vsco.

16. Use Other Platforms to Promote Your Instagram

Connect your Instagram account to your other social media accounts (such as Facebook and Twitter) to share your account and the photos and videos you upload with your followers in other places.

This allows you to redirect the traffic and views generated on your other platforms to your Instagram profile, resulting in more likes (and followers too).

Another wonderful location to share your Instagram posts is on your blog. You can either embed posts or use external widgets on Instagram.

You can also include a link in your website’s header or footer.

17. Use Local & Popular Hashtags

Using local hashtags is a fantastic method to connect with potential clients in your area. Look for popular local Instagram accounts (perform a fast Google search for “top Instagram accounts in [city]”) and check what hashtags they use in their photographs.

If you use these hashtags, there’s a strong possibility you’ll be able to connect with people in your area or accounts interested in displaying your images or business.

This can help you obtain more Instagram followers and likes for local marketing.

Using the most popular hashtags can be useful when you’re trying to reach a broad group of Instagram users, while they’re not as effective when trying to reach Instagram users near you.

Using popular hashtags increases the number of people who view your photo, which is a simple method to get a lot of likes. Keep in mind that they aren’t necessarily high-quality likes, but if you’re merely seeking to increase your account’s credibility, this is a fine option.

To help you select the perfect hashtags for your next Instagram post, we produced a few hashtag guides:

The Top 150 Hashtags for Increasing Likes

How to Market Your Business & Content with 3 Key Hashtag Strategies

Celebrating social media holidays aids in the growth of your Instagram account and the acquisition of more likes. It allows you to simply share content that your followers would be interested in, as well as produce fresh content.

Holidays on social media break up the routine and allow you to think outside the box when it comes to new content ideas for your social media channels.

There are hundreds of social media holidays to choose from; all you have to do is concentrate on the ones that best connect with your business or mission statement. This might be a fun social media holiday or a global holiday that supports a good cause.

19. Be sure to provide your location in your post.

Adding a location tag to your post helps to boost your local engagement and likes on Instagram. This is due to the fact that these postings will be more visible to residents in the neighborhood.

You can do this by using local hashtags, as we said previously, or by include a geo-location in your post.

You may also use an Instagram story sticker to add your location. This makes your articles more likely to appear in the discovery feeds of people who are nearby or in that specific location.

When you tag a location in your Instagram posts, it makes it easier for people in your neighborhood to find your images. Tag a generic location (such as “Downtown LA”) rather than a specific restaurant to maximize the likelihood that it will be seen.

People who are seeking for photographs around them are more inclined to engage with them, thus your photos have a strong possibility of receiving more likes.

20. Disseminate BTS (Behind-The-Scenes) material

Again, social media is a place where you can connect with your fans and followers on a more personal level. This not only increases the number of likes on your page, but it also helps to establish your brand’s individuality.

Give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your company — show off a new product, show off your personnel, or give them a tour of your office.

Because this form of content is distinctive and entertaining, your followers are more likely to like it.

You can provide a teaser for a new launch, pictures of personnel in the office, or daily activities. You may share this type of footage wherever and for as long as you choose with tools like Instagram stories, feed, reels, and IG Lives.

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