Supermodel Stephanie Seymour launches Raven & Sparrow Lingerie Collection

Although great lingerie may seem like an indulgence for some, it is worth the effort to get your bedroom looking perfect for Stephanie Seymour. Seymour says that many women mistakenly believe that these garments are only meant to be worn on special occasions when in reality, they can be worn every night. They are denying themselves the luxury of beautiful lingerie to wear to bed in.” Seymour is a name synonymous with seductive style. She’s been Victoria’s Secret model, a fashion fixture, and has a passion for boudoir. She now has her own line. Raven & Sparrow is a collaboration with Casey Paul and features a line of vintage-inspired lingerie.

Seymour claims her love for lingerie started on her honeymoon. She is now married to Peter Brant, an entrepreneur, and collector of art. She says that she was inspired by European nightgowns and how European women dress for bed. Seymour returned from her trip carrying a suitcase full of nightgowns, which she still wears 20 years later. Seymour says, “I have been collecting lingerie for many years and that’s where I get many design ideas, discovering the workmanship in these old pieces.” She has a preference for bias-cut silk gowns as well as lace-covered nightgowns.

Paul and Seymour worked closely together to transform Seymour’s classic sensibility into something new. Seymour laughs, “She understands my goals in creating each piece. But she also brings her own perspective, which I call the cool contemporary aspect because she’s so much cooler than me.” Some of the retro-inspired pieces were made using time-tested hand-detailing methods.

Seymour’s collection launches close to Valentine’s Day. This makes it easy for her to be aware of the perfect gift. She suggests that a short chemise is the best choice if you don’t know the exact measurements of a girl. “I love the low-back chemise with matching scarf. A beautiful silk kimono or robe is everyone’s dream. She says that many of our pieces can be worn outside, including the Madame gown with a slip that can be worn as a dress. She also points out that handmade shrugs can be worn with these garments at night. You don’t have to wear heels to make your skin beautiful. Also, these have some extremely hot lingerie in the UK.

No Problem, No Shirt

The old adage, no shoes, no shirt, no service need not apply to the spring 2022 runways–the the-bra-as-a-shirt trend is sticking around for another season. Brands such as Etro and Fendi have shown that both classic triangle bras, and longline lace bralettes, can be worn under tailored suits or menswear-inspired separates.

A bra top worn as a shirt is a micro trend that has emerged from our post-pandemic taste for subtle sultriness. Fashion runways are brimming over with body-conscious knitwear and corseted jackets.

The bra as a top can be intimidating for some. However, it is one of the most accessible of current sultry fashion trends. You can strike the perfect balance by pairing bralettes or bra tops with large, boyish pieces such as a slouchy shirt, a button-up (worn unbuttoned), and a pair of equally loose Jeans.

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