Top 13 Bridal Hair Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

A wedding is undeniably one of the best and most remarkable, yet hectic days in every girl’s life. There are months of grooming and organizing involved leading up to the wedding day. But apart from the event planning, wives-to-be need to choose her dream look strategically and carefully, this includes hair, makeup, and wedding gown.

Unfortunately, this not an easy task and in fact, many brides fall dupe to a number of mistakes they end up regretting.

In terms of bridal hair, most brides make many mistakes. Keep on reading because will walk you through the common bridal hair mistakes that you need to avoid so that you’ll be able to achieve your ideal wedding hairdo without any glitches.

Do not book your bridal hair trial a week before your wedding day

When planning a hair trial make sure to give yourself enough time so that your stylist will be able to experiment with different looks.

We suggest that you schedule a hair trial appointment at least 60 days before your wedding date. The 60-day window will offer plenty of time to look for the best hairstylist and try various hairstyles ‘til you find the perfect look.

Do not cut or color your tresses too close to your big day

Usually, hair color will take around 14 days to settle in with the natural oils completely. If you are planning to do such things, it is best to get color and touchup up your roots three weeks or a month before tying the knot. On the other hand, make sure not to cut your hair two weeks before because it will take time to settle in and dropdown. Nevertheless, if you found yourself in a hairy-condition, there is always a hair extension to get your long tresses back in an instant.

Not thinking about the weather

When choosing a bridal hair style of the most important things that you need to consider is what the weather will be like on your wedding day. Yes, the weather is unpredictable. But depending on the season of your marriage you will have an idea what kind of stuff your hair might need to snag against.

For instance, if your wedding is at the peak of summertime, extreme heat and humidity can be your biggest enemies. In this kind of situation, updo hairstyles can be the best option since they will keep your cool and your tresses off your shoulders. To complete your look consider wearing bridal hair flowers or bridal hair pins.

Using the wrong accessories

When choosing hair accessories, bridal hair combs, for instance, you need to consider all the ensemble as well as wedding day aesthetics. For sure, you do not want a misplaced or a distractingly extravagant accessory to take away your beauty. Look for the best accessories and consider asking your stylist regarding the hairpieces that will look good to you.

Skipping high-quality hair products

Investing in high-quality hair products that are appropriate for your hair texture and type is very beneficial. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars because you can easily make your coconut oil at home.

However, if you abuse your hair using crappy ingredients as well as harsh detergents, honestly, it won’t do any good on your big day and any other day.

No being open with the hairstylist

The majority of brides-to-be fail to communicate with their hairstylists because they feel a bit awkward and afraid to speak up.

Therefore, if you really want to have the best hairdo on your wedding day then it is important that you are open with your stylist. In fact, most stylists listen to what their clients say.

Overheating your tresses

With all the wedding occasions leading up to your big day such as rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, and bridal showers you will want to look at your best and might be tempted to use hot tools when styling. However, you should not do this if it is too close to your wedding date.

Keep in mind that hot tools such as blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons can damage your ends and dull your tresses.

In addition to that, you should avoid applying too much hair products during your wedding week. Such products can actually build up over time or make your hair look oily and greasy.

Neglecting your hair

By simply giving your tresses some love a couple of days before your big day, you will be able to maximize the shine, strength, and texture of your hair. According to experts, a hair mask can illuminate shine, moisturize dry hair, and intensify the color of your hair.

Forgetting the veil

Bridal hairdos are very different because as soon as the style is finished, the look is not completely complete. Usually, a bridal hairdo involves and veil and most of the time, it is something most brides overlook when looking for inspiration online.

Typically, the veil is worn during the wedding ceremony and then remove after. If you didn’t remove it properly, then your hairstyle will be ruined.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to wear a veil on your special day, make sure to bring products and some bobby pins. These things can help you in fixing ruffled tresses from the process of eliminating it. What’s more, you can ask your stylist if he/she can attach your veil in a way that guarantees it is simply removable.

Having a high expectation

One of the biggest problems that most stylists are facing is that their clients have very high expectations.

As the client, obviously, you want to look perfect on your wedding day, but you will also need to keep in mind that your hairstyle will not look exactly like the photo you have selected.

Rather, we highly suggest that you visit your hairstylist open-minded and willing to take creative ideas and opinions.

Choosing a hairstyle that does not go well with the hair texture and haircut

When choosing inspiration pictures make sure to choose only the styles that will match your hair texture, color, and haircut.

Many brides-to-be fall victim to becoming attached to the photo of a particular style then feeling upset when the hairstyle looks a bit different on their hair.

So before you settle on a certain, make sure that the style of your hair will match the model in the image.

Being too trendy

It is reasonable that a lot of brides want to look trendy on their wedding day. However, it is important to bear in mind that a trend often fades.

Your wedding pictures will serve as your remembrance. Therefore, it is likely better to choose a soft chignon or a classic half-updo hairstyle than something trend that may possibly look outdated in the forthcoming.

Asking for a lot of opinions

Yes, asking opinions from your friends or relatives about your bridal hairstyle is a good idea. But, keep in mind that having a lot of opinions can be overwhelming.

As a piece of advice, consider asking the suggestion/opinion of three to four trusted people. In this way, you will still be flexible and have outsider opinions without feeling overwhelmed.

Dreaming of a perfect bridal hair style on your big day? If that is the case, then you should avoid all the bridal hair mistakes mentioned above.

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